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Activate your talent "DNA" to reveal your true strengths, unlock your potential, and land the right interviews and jobs.

Position Success is Hire Direction's new career advancement system that offers novel talent "DNA" assessment technology, breakthrough professional development plans, and next-generation career roadmaps to help you communicate your unique value and discover your ideal career path.

Benefits of PSI professional talent "DNA" testing:
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Non personality based operational strength assessment

Personalized career maps and reports with actionable insights

Complete in (~) 10 mins and instantly download reports


Report costs fit most any budget: free talent DNA snapshot

The future of work is now!

The future of work is already here and new challenges are coming. You will need to remain proactive, make decisions faster, and be smarter than any previous generation of workers. 

Solutions for the new world of work.

Getting the right jobs and sustaining your career requires a different approach in today's times.  Technology is reshaping the workforce faster than ever and changing how we move in, up, and through the world of work. 

PSI uses talent DNA to customize new solutions for maintaining occupational fitness.


A new career compass.

Knowledge is power when it comes to your career.  Now the science of genomic testing identifies talent DNA and reveals a completely different approach to professional development. 

PSI unlocks your talent code, career potential, and establishes your value to employers.  Your talent code acts your professional coach and career compass: helping you make the best career moves (regardless of work, experience, position level, or career stage).

A better career road map.

The foundation of professional success is understanding what you do well.  Whether you're looking to begin, advance, transition, or reset your career, it all begins with your talent codes.

PSI reveals four (4) professional alignment factors: that help you realize your talent and make the best career moves.

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Work Fit Icon.png

Your primary operational strength



Your core business competency



Your team-role of highest impact


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Your fit to job requirements

Diverse Team.jpg

A superior career action plan.

Position Success is a comprehensive career advancement system designed to help you navigate your most important career questions and professional situations.  Our career road maps help you understand your fit in the world of work.


But understanding your professional alignment and job fit is only half the solution.  You also need effective tools to help you maximize performance, create opportunities for advancement, and consistently land jobs that are right for YOU.


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