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Identify your strengths, ideal jobs, and the best career path.

Hire Direction's Professional Success Plan represents the next stage in professional development, and provides a career roadmap customized to your unique talent code. 


Our plan matches your strengths to jobs that fit you best, reveals how you are wired to work, and shows you how to communicate your value for any role in ways that stand out to recruiters, hiring managers, and investors.

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Professional Success Plan
Your customized talent DNA report

 Identify your strengths

Communicate your value

Build better resumes

Interview Stronger

Get the right jobs

Advance your career

The Professional Success Plan contains your talent DNA signature, maps your PSI talent codes, and uncovers four (4) key factors that reveal your ideal jobs and work. 


See how well you fit any position, team-role, organizational department, or job requirement.  Finally, the plan contains tools that help you establish your universal value during job seeking and networking.

What's inside your customized plan.
Your five 5 PSI talent codes.

Your Professional Success Plan contains five talent codes that help you identify, achieve, and maintain professional alignment in the world of work.



 Your Talent DNA Signature Code

 Unique personal talent code

The "Alignment Snapshot" maps your "Talent DNA Signature Code" by highlighting your dominant strength within six operational performance categories.  Organizations use these same categories to develop positions, team roles, and job requirements. 

This code represents your fundamental work style, operational strengths, and unique approach to initiating, managing and fulfilling work objectives.

Alignment Snapshot | Your PSI talent DNA signature







IMG- PSP Alignment Snapshot.png

6 Dominant Capabilities form your Talent DNA Signature

Page 5 of your Professional Success Plan

                   Your Work Fit Code

                Overall fit to the world of work

The "Position Alignment - Jobs Matrix Map" displays your "Work Fit Code." The map quantifies your operational strength across 4 core work types and sixteen 16 job zones that characterize the primary objective (or job structure) of all jobs in the world of work.

This code pinpoints the overall job structure that best suits you and reveals the job environments where you create the most value, impact, and personal satisfaction.


Work Fit Icon.png

Pictured Example: STRATEGY jobs consisting of ANALYSIS WORK with DESIGN objectives in STRUCTURED roles/ work environments.

Position Alignment Map | Your Work Fit Code

IMG- PSP Position Alignment -Jobs Matrix

Your Core Work Type and Job Zone

Page 8 of your Professional Success Plan

                   Your Org Fit Code

                Fit to organizational departments

Your Organizational Fit Map shows your "Org Fit Code."  This map identifies your dominant operational alignment to one of the eight core functions most all organizations use to operate.

This code represents your core business competency, foundational skill, and pinpoints your professional alignment and best career path.



Pictured Example: core business competency INTEGRATION - helping organizations develop strategy and alignment. 

Organizational Fit Map | Your Org Fit Code

IMG-ORG FIT - Big Picture Alignment Map.

Your Core Business Competency

Page 6 of your Professional Success Plan

                   Your Role Fit Code

                 Fit to team roles

Your Organizational Needs Map shows your "Role Fit Code."  This map categorizes and measures your operational alignment to three core role types organizations use to support their needs.

This code represents your professional alignment to core roles and responsibilities; and indicates work activities where your operational strengths have the most impact and create the most value.



Organizational Needs Map | Your Role Fit Code

IMG - PSP Organizational Needs Map.png

Team Role

Task Execution & Quality Assurance

Team Role

Coordination & Resource Mgmt.

Team Role

Strategic Vision & Solution Development

Your Core Role Type & Support Competency

Page 7 of your Professional Success Plan

                   Your Job Fit Code

                Fit to job requirements

Your "Professional Summary" (Requirements Insert) contains several job fit codes that translate your operational strengths into job requirements.   

These codes summarize your strengths, spell out your transitional skills, and articulate your unique work execution-style to employers.  The individual strength summaries have several uses including the following:

  • Resume & cover letter content enhancers

  • Professional bios and digital profile introductions

  • Interview talking points to sell your skills

  • Professional Networking & 30-second elevator pitches to concisely communicate your value


Black Female Job Fit.jpg

Professional Summary | Your Job Fit Codes

IMG- PSP Requirements Insert.png

Your Comprehensive Work Execution-Style

Pages 10-11 of your Professional Success Plan

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